5 Simple Health Tips Holiday Guide

5 Nov

5 Simple Health Tips Holiday Guide

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MY WARM UP ROUTINE TO DO BEFORE my workouts! https://youtu.be/kS5uooxd188
MY COOL DOWN ROUTINE TO DO AFTER my workouts! https://youtu.be/YkohnYNhyJw

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Videos You MUST watch…
✅ 10 MINUTE: DONKEY KICK GLUTE BUILDER (Prevent a FLAT BUTT) https://youtu.be/9C2ciuko44Y

✅ 3 REASONS YOU’RE NOT GETTING A FLAT TUMMY: Do you know how to eat?

✅ 18 Minute: Grow Glutes & Leg Workout by HangTight with Marcie https://youtu.be/hFvAhvIAkV4

✅ 23 MINUTE: HangTight with Marcie Gym Day ( New Exercises & ALL GRIND) https://youtu.be/lLZQ9H1LHUA

✅ 16MIN: THE MONDAY WORKOUT – To DEBLOAT after the Weekend! https://youtu.be/VRhgpQrXmBc

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